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May 2015
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Children’s Papers

Children’s Papers

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What should I do with ALL THE PAPERS and ART PROJECTS that come home with my child from preschool?

Imagine yourself hard at work at your job and at 4:55 p.m. your boss comes in and takes your entire day of work and pitches it in the trash can! You would be horrified (and angry)! This is how a child feels when you put no value on their papers! It was their hard work! No, you can’t obviously keep it all—but you can keep some. Use an old binder with sleeves or just 3-hole punch the edges. At the end of the week sit down with your child and lovingly go over their work and then ask them to pick their favorite and you pick your favorite. Then hole punch them and place in the binder. Keep it in order and it will show their progress throughout the year as well. Explain to them that you can’t keep everything and that part of life is learning to keep what is important and discarding the rest. That the LEARNING how to complete a task was the goal of the papers.

Valuing a child’s work creates an awareness that you VALUE HARD WORK! Treat their papers in the right manner and they will want to work hard for you! Toss them in the trash can in front of them when you pick them up at preschool and risk crushing their spirit—as well as their teachers! VALUE YOUR CHILD’S WORK!!!
Mrs. Tina
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