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May 2015
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Follow Your Instincts!

Follow Your Instincts!

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Follow your instincts parents!


I counsel lots of parents and find many of them unsure of “what’s best” for their child. I want to encourage parents to follow their heart and seek counsel from wise people! (Read and listen to lots of Dr. James Dobson w/ Focus on the Family for sound advice!) Don’t look for advice in the glossy pages of magazines, but instead, by asking questions from your parents and grandparents! Scanning old photographs and hearing the stories of past family members sheds a lot of light on what creates a successful family! We are all insecure at times.

Parenting requires a boldness to ask for help (out of earshot of your kiddos). Life shines with people around us that we want our children to become—and not become! Strive to be your child’s parent—not their friend!
Children require your TIME, but obviously want whatever your money can buy! Children want boundaries—but want to push them as far as they can! Children want to be popular and cool—your job is to help them want to be things that create a whole person with substance. Children NEED your love and support and a million questions answered!
Follow your instincts!!! Love your child!

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