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May 2015
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Ever wonder what kids say at school? The answer may shock you.

Ever wonder what kids say at school? The answer may shock you.

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Funny Things Kids Say




We hope you are enjoying the summer with your kiddos! One of the fun aspects of our center is interacting with the children on a daily basis! So, as you can imagine some of them say the darndest things! Here are a few things to share that will hopefully bring a little chuckle to your summer!
We have several dads that are law enforcement officers. As you can imagine, the kids are intrigued! One day one of them opened the door to a classroom and a new little boy yelled, “Hide, it’s the cops!” He was serious! We had to do a little work on the whole, “Police officers are our friends routine” My husband helps build things, repair things, and talks to the children about taking care of things from time to time. One day he was in the middle of a project and one of the little boys asked him, “So, are you Mr. Tina?” It was hilarious!
Be careful with your cell phone conversations…Children love pretending to be their parents. One day a little girl was in the home living area talking away on her pretend cell phone. All of the sudden she screamed out, “Quit calling here, I already told you we won’t have the *#*! money by Friday. Remember that little ears hear EVERYTHING!
Beat the heat. . . Read w your child!

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