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July 2015
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Want a Great Vacation without Breaking the bank?

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Money is tight and our kiddos want a big vacation . . . any suggestions?  

While all kids dream of Disney vacations and cruises because “everyone else is going there,”, think back to your childhood and the vacations you went on.  The whole point of a vacation should be to get away and reconnect. Children are masters at guilting parents so don’t fall for it.

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To have a great vacation children want three things:

1. Go swimming as long as possible

2. Eat lots of sugar and stuff you don’t normally let them eat

3. Buy souvenirs you would never buy during your normal lives


Plan a fun vacation WITH your kiddos. Let them tell you places they would like to eat out that are normally deemed “too expensive.”  A coupon from Chuck-e-Cheese w/100 tokens is fun, a trip to the Fuji grill is always cool. Have you visited local attractions in your own town?  Downtown Ft. Smith is its own experience!  Don’t make it about money, money, money… Make it about the time you spend together instead of at airports, in cars, and fatigue.

Young couples take note!  Married couples need time away for just the two-of-you too.  So, don’t feel guilty planning fun trips with your kiddos AND  a separate romantic get-away for the two of you.  Time away to become a stronger couple leads to lots more kiddo vacations down the road.

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