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September 2015
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“I love my child. I will never spank them—it is child abuse!”

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 While each of us have the right to choose how we will discipline, corporal punishment done correctly is never child abuse. It is a time that allows a parent to show disappointment in a behavior, talk about what is expected, apply correction in a loving manner, discuss the matter after the correction explaining the what and the why for next time. This biblical method actually shows love. NEVER use your hand to spank a child. Your hands should be used to nurture and teach. A paddle or a belt hanging in the same spot for when correction is needed sends a message of order.   It doesn’t threaten a child or put negative fear in them. To a child it says, “I am important to my parents. They are taking the time to guide me and show me what is right.” Children desire this. Parents that beg, bargain and plead with their children are not helping them. There will come a point when your bluff will be called and your child is no longer afraid of you—they find your words empty and they know they have won. Yes, some children never need corporal punishment—but I would wager if they have a sibling one of them will. Just as speeding tickets help slow adults down, spanking correctly is very effective at helping children decide they “don’t want to cross that line again.” For great parenting advice visit:

-Mrs. Tina


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