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September 2015
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What’s your best advice on teaching children about jealousy?

What’s your best advice on teaching children about jealousy?

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Model thankfulness! Treasure time and not things. Model positive comments when others are blessed or receive nice things. Jealousy is an attitude born out of desire and it creeps into how children begin to look at wealth.




I visited a friend’s new home recently and by the time I arrived home the jealousy monster had worked deep into my thoughts. I began the list of why I too “deserved” a new home. My stuff became old and outdated within minutes. My negativity shifted when I began to think about what matters. Yeah for my friend! May she build wonderful memories in her new home with her family. My home is a reminder of three lovely children and a home filled with love. The sharpie name written inside of a drawer by a kindergartener, three sets of tiny cement footprints on the front driveway, and the growth markings of all three children on the laundry room door. EVERYTHING gets old and outdated—be careful that you don’t throw out what “old” should stand for —wisdom and memories that are more precious than what it is in style at the moment! I have an aunt that I love being around because she is always positive and appreciative! Two traits that help keep the jealousy monster at bay!

None of us “deserve” great lives—we are blessed by them! Be thankful and jealousy goes away!

-Mrs. Tina


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