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May 2018
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Waiting for Appointments

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What’s your best advice for entertaining children while waiting for appointments or in church?   First of all, your job as a parent is not to entertain your child every moment! As parents we should be using every moment we can to educate, explain, and be an example. With the […]

How to Choose the Right Toy

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What are your top toy recommendations for young children?       Many toys are simply items marketed by companies to appeal to the emotions of young children, and to gain your hard-earned money. Ask yourself these questions when considering a purchase: “What is this toy going to require of […]


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What’s your best advice on teaching children about stealing?       Don’t tolerate it regardless of the cost of the item. Bubble gum is an item that costs only pennies, but seems to be the item of choice for young children. I remember my bubble gum theft like it […]

Potty Training

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What is the best way to potty train a child?             Unfortunately, there is no magic formula because every child is different! Ask yourself these questions: Does my child stay dry for long periods of time, such as overnight or after nap time? This demonstrates […]

Say yes to Preschool!

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 Why you should say YES to Preschool!     The beginning of the school year provides many opportunities for fun and learning, but also for lots of stress!  Many young parents question whether or not their child is ready for preschool—when the real question is are the parents ready for […]