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April 2018
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Children’s Papers

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What should I do with ALL THE PAPERS and ART PROJECTS that come home with my child from preschool? Imagine yourself hard at work at your job and at 4:55 p.m. your boss comes in and takes your entire day of work and pitches it in the trash can! You […]

What Not to Wear

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What are your recommendations for children who should be featured on the What Not To Wear show?       We would all like for our children to look like they stepped out of the glossy pages of magazines; reality, however, isn’t so pretty! The truth is children like comfort […]

How to Choose the Right Toy

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What are your top toy recommendations for young children?       Many toys are simply items marketed by companies to appeal to the emotions of young children, and to gain your hard-earned money. Ask yourself these questions when considering a purchase: “What is this toy going to require of […]

Negative Behaviors

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My four-year old has been on a downward spiral when it comes to their behavior recently—what’s your best advice?   First, take a breath! This is normal! If your child attends preschool/childcare they are learning to respect and respond to a new authority figure in their life called a teacher! […]


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What is your best advice for grandparents raising young children? First off, let me say kudos to you! You are most definitely an unselfish person to step up and help make sure that your grandchild is taken care of properly. I was raised by my grandmother and she instilled wonderful […]

Doubting Yourself as a Parent

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Sometimes I really doubt myself as a new parent. Where should I go for advice? First, stay away from fads! Don’t waste your time on fly-by-night authors and magazines. In most of these “newest trends” you get a tidbit of truth with a lot of advertis-ing! These products are undermining […]


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What’s your best advice for parents with young children dealing with divorce? Newly divorced parents often brush off how traumatizing this event is to their child while they forge ahead with new rela-tionships and living situations. No matter the reason BOTH parents must WORK HARD to help a child feel […]


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What’s your best advice on helping new parents understand how to discipline correctly? Children all have different temperaments, and what works with one child won’t begin to phase the next one. That beautiful bundle of joy is going to test your pa-tience and your limits a lot sooner than you […]

Coloring Books

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What’s the deal with coloring books? Many educators are “anti-coloring book” spouting that it limits creativity in young children. At our center we couldn’t disagree more. Coloring books are a won-derful tool to help teach patience, build fine-motor skills, and allow children a few minutes to THINK about what colors […]

Child With Delays

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I have a son that has turned three and I am worried that he has delays. Where do I go for help? There are several steps you can take to help calm your fears. First, write down your concerns and talk with your child’s pediatrician. Next, set up play dates […]